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Real Estate can be a tricky business when you haven’t experienced it before. People need guidance, advice and proper information when choosing a Real Estate Agents. Our speciality is  helping to find reputable Real Estate Agents Bayswater.

Real estate agents in Bayswater are numerous and easy to find. Most of them are happy to help people in need. However, be careful to choose the right real estate agent to suit your needs. Any agent will be happy to help sell your home, so we suggest calling the agency and acting like a buyer or a renter to see how helpful and genuine they really when there is no financial intensive.

Real esate agents in bayswater- our team

Our Real Estate Agents Bayswater

Our owners Don and Linda have hired a dream team of honest and hardworking employees who live and breathe real estate. You might find our team walking around the streets of Bayswater supporting local businesses, hosting open for inspections, doing auctions or talking to locals about the state of the property market. Keith, Marci, Bonica and Jacob love serving and being apart of Bayswater. Their families are locals and they share the same goal as the owners of being genuine and willing to honestly help the residents when they need it.

Our team at Surreal also includes Don and Linda’s two sons Justin and Coady. Coady can often be found doing the employee payments for his dad or paying the bills as they come. He has also been gaining experience in sales shadowing Don and the other sales staff to learn the trade. Coady will be studying a Bachelor of Business at Deakin University and hopes to one day take over the business from his father. Justin works on the property management side of the business with his mum. Together they organise land owner and renters to help find homes for those looking for them.

A bit about Bayswater

  • Boasting a modest 11,758 residents Bayswater is a lovely area to get away from the loud and busy city and enjoy some time in parks with friendly locals, cafes and restaurants you’re sure to enjoy.
  • The suburb of Baywater is located a 50-min train ride from Flinders street station in the heart of Melbourne
  • Bayswater has plenty of shops and supermarkets. Woolworth, Aldi and Coles are within a 5-min drive from one another.
  • Bayswater has a number of lovely schools from primary to secondary. This includes Our Ladies of Lourdes Primary School and Bayswater Secondary College
  • There has been upgrades to the Baywater Train Station lately with level crossing removal and a brand new station.