Don Mitrevski Managing Director & Lic. Estate Agent P. 03 9729 5288 M. 0407 687 652 Email Agent

Don’s extensive business and real estate experience in both Melbourne and country Victoria makes him rather unique in the suburban real estate sector. He combines a winning mix of down-to-earth values, warmth and integrity with cutting-edge strategies and resources, know with the ability to serve our clients anywhere in the Eastern suburbs in Victoria.

A straight-forward, no-nonsense approach to successfully selling real estate – together with the highest levels of customer service and care -see him very highly regarded by clients. In fact, both buyers and vendors gladly and frequently recommend him to their family, friends and colleagues. Don also enjoys a prominent, upstanding reputation amongst his industry peers.

Don’s astute knowledge of real estate and buyer demographics is underpinned by vast business acumen accumulated over 30 years in various service industries. Ventures have ranged from large-scale country pubs, boutique motels, and luxury apartments to various residential and commercial interests including property development and the establishment of a highly successful property agency in country Victoria.

While fostering a positive working environment and overseeing the overall management and success of the office and its clients, Don is actively involved in hands-on sales and client liaison on a daily basis. “Our aim is certainly to do the right thing by people and ensure their wants and needs are met,” He says. “Having worked in the service industry for 30 years, and with country values and ethics at our core, it comes pretty naturally to us. We enjoy nothing more than seeing people succeed.”

When it comes to delivering results, Don and the team excel themselves by the proverbial country mile to ensure clients achieve their desired goals. He draws on every available resource, including his own professional expertise, a wealth of knowledge and support from his Bayswater and Vermont team, advanced technology, and networking advantages.

Since 2012 purchase of the real estate business in Bayswater and now in Vermont, Don is delighted to bring a fresh level of honest, improved service provision and results to anyone buying or selling residential and commercial property in Bayswater and surrounds.

Linda Mitrevski Head of Property Management P. 03 9729 5288 Email Agent

Linda’s Role
Heading up the Property Management Department is Linda’s official role. However, given her vast experience in business, the service industry, and in real estate as an asset manager and licensed sales agent, Linda’s broad skills are integral to ensuring clients receive the utmost service, efficiency, and success across all the board.
Linda, who is highly trained in the field, believes that property management is largely about listening to people and understanding their individual needs. Her work background has also been very interesting and varied, including spending many years as a Property Manager at one of the leading agencies in northeast Victoria, which comprised 22 staff.
What She Brings
Born in Melbourne where she lived until the age of 27, Linda, together with husband Don, is also a devoted parent to three adult children. She and Don have owned and managed a number of hotels and motels in both country Victoria and interstate. Given her vast life experience, industry experience and a working life devoted to exceptional customer care, Linda brings a rare level of maturity and expertise to Surreal Property Group, its landlords and tenants.
Very much a people person, Linda loves meeting all the interesting people the job entails. She’s delighted to see tenants find just the right home, and enjoys rewarding professional relationships with landlords. Given her business background, and with a personal investment portfolio, Linda takes the property management role further than most. She understands the value of assets and works closely with landlords to help enhance their financial growth and security.
In her spare time, Linda enjoys socialising with her family and friends.

Keith Hamill Property Consultant P. 03 9729 5288 M. 0419 200 638 Email Agent

Keith Hamill is an incredibly experienced and well-respected real estate agent, leveraging his 30 years of experience to consistently deliver phenomenal results for his clients. A shrewd negotiator and an effective facilitator, Keith credits his success to his ability to engage, listen and connect, and in doing so, fostering long term trusted relationships with his clients. Keith’s extensive knowledge enables him to provide personalised advice, tailored to the specific needs of his clients which enables them to make informed decisions about what is best for their family.
What He Brings
It is Keith’s eagerness to help and his attentive and caring nature which has resulted in him accruing an army of satisfied clients who are all too happy to provide a kind account of their dealings with him, often referring friends and family for his services. ‘Cup Cake’, as he is affectionately known, is always available to meet with clients for a coffee or a chat to provide some industry insight, consult on market trends, assist with home styling guidance or simply to answer any questions his clients may have.
Through his kindness, professional approach and generosity, Keith has been able to help many people realise their real estate dreams, changing many lives in the process. Keith brings peace of mind, trustworthiness & reliability to every transaction he is involved with and continues to provide invaluable service, long after the transaction has been completed. Through every sales process, it is Keith’s goal to eliminate the stress and reduce the emotional impact, instead replacing it with a rewarding and seamless experience.
In his down time, Keith enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Jacob Soudah Property Consultant P. 03 9729 5288 M. 0423 746 985 Email Agent

After watching the sales process his friends experienced when selling their house and getting to know the Agent’s behind the positive results, Jacob Soudah realized that entering the real estate industry would be an exciting and challenging career, choosing to make it official in February 2017 when he joined the team at Stockdale & Leggo. Jacob thoroughly enjoys his role as a Property Consultant and all the varied duties which accompany it from meeting with people who are considering buying, selling or investing, advising clients on the market trends or vendors on the value of their property. Jacob is well known for his generosity and kindness within his team, often helping out his fellow co-workers, treating them as family rather than colleagues.
Jacob’s star has quickly risen, listing a million dollar property within weeks of commencing his career for a couple who had chosen to move to the country. The transaction was seamless and Jacob was able to achieve a fantastic result for his clients, surpassing even their expectations. At the heart of Jacob’s success is his desire to genuinely help his clients achieve their goals, and he does so by listening attentively to the needs of his clients from the outset and then focusing on delivering their favoured result.
Jacob believes that honesty is the best policy and is always open and transparent in his communications with clients, providing them with all the information required for them to make the best decision for their personal circumstance. Jacob thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to meet a range of interesting and diverse people in his travels and with his broad range of interests, is able to find common ground and build rapport quickly and easily.
In his leisure time, Jacob enjoys spending time with his partner and his two daughters. Jacob also relishes cooking and sharing a meal with family and friends and tending to his vegetable garden in the backyard of his home.

Coady Mitrevski Property Consultant P. 03 9729 5288 Email Agent

Still in school, Coady shares his family’s work ethic, coming in to assist the team at Surreal Property Group on a weekly basis. Coady’s exceptional customer service and communication skills make him an asset to the team and a favourite with clients. Coady’s interest in real estate is fast growing, developing his skills and knowledge through his work experience in the office.

What He Brings
Always looking for the next challenge, Coady’s maturity is well beyond his years. A hard worker with an enthusiastic approach to all that her undertakes, he believes the most enjoyable aspect of his role is working with a friendly team. Coady’s outgoing nature and ability to relate to people from all walks of life has made him a very important team member.
In his spare time, Coady’s discipline extends to the gym where he enjoys keeping fit. Coady also loves spending time with friends and family, watching football and cricket.

Justin Mitrevski Administration Assistant P. 03 9729 5288 Email Agent

Currently undertaking university studies, Justin is developing his knowledge and experience in the industry by helping out his family’s business when he is not studying. Justin enjoys the customer service aspect of his role, striving to deliver an exceptional experience to each and every person that walks through the door at Surreal Property Group. Justin is exceptionally driven, working hard to ensure smooth sailing for his clients and colleagues.

What He Brings
Justin’s strengths lie in his communication and interpersonal skills. He is a fast-thinking problem solver, applying an entrepreneurial spirit to all that he does in the interest of increasing efficiency and results. Friendly and approachable, Justin loves spending time with his team and thrives in the fast-paced environment that is Surreal Property Group.

It’s not all work and no play for Justin, who enjoys the outdoors, choosing to spend his free time playing football and keeping fit.