Should I sell my home empty or staged?

It’s all about staging.

Should I sell my home empty or staged? What is staging a property you may ask?

If you walked through a staged home, you would know it. A staged home can be defined as a home that has been set up in a layout that appeals and attracts the eye. Often when a home is staged furniture, declarations, paintings, and general décor is brought into the home to make the home as appealing as possible and ready to be sold.

Arguably the biggest benefit to staging a home when selling is the ability to paint a picture for potential buyers. Staging is a great way to allow a buyer to envision themselves in the home. If you’ve walked through a model home before that was staged you likely notice the comfortable sofas, beautiful mirrors on the walls, and silk plants throughout the home. This is a great way to help make a potential buyer feel comfortable in an empty home by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Should I sell my home empty or staged?

Be creative and save your Vendor some dollars!!

How to make the big financial decision is you should sell your home empty or stages

When deciding whether to sell your home empty or staged, it’s important to remember that staging can cost additional money. One of the biggest drawbacks of staging a home is the cost to stage a home. Depending on what is done to stage a home, it can cost several thousands of dollars to stage a home. It is important when deciding whether to sell your home empty staged you evaluate if the money spent on staging will yield a return on your investment or not. Some Buyers who are pickier then others can envision their own personal touches on a home when there is nothing but a black canvas in front of them. Another Pro of selling an empty home is that it shows you have moved on and the home is immediately available. That is extra appealing to buyers who need possession in a short amount of time.

Money doesnt grow on trees with picture of a tree

Other Negatives about staging your home

Another negative of staging a home is the amount of time that it can take to properly stage a home. In many cases, to properly stage a home a home requires specific pieces of furniture and decorations to be purchased and brought into the home. Many ‘stagers’ will attempt to use belongings that a homeowner already has, however, it’s possible they won’t have the proper staging pieces. Do yourself and the vendor a favour and use your imagination instead of artificial props to enhance the properties look.