Heathmont Real Estate Agents

Services at Local Heathmont Real Estate Agency:

  • Great prices for homes, through agents with expert knowledge of the market
  • All hour availability for advice and professional agents
  • Family team of locals serving the community for over a decade
  • Advertising teams that find the best way to sell houses at premium prices
  • Many rental properties available 
  • Complete care of landlord properties to take pressure off house owners
  • Talk to agents on the phone now
  • Multi award winning team


About Heathmont Real Estate Agency- Surreal Property Group

Our team is lead by local husband and wife, Don and Linda Mitrevski. Don leads the sales team in  handling the buying and selling aspects of the property market, due to his vast experience in this area. Linda heads the property management team, helping renters find houses to live in, and helping landlords settle disputes and get their rent on time.

Our role in the community is to put people in homes, and sell houses that people are moving on from. This makes it easier for local residents of Heathmont, Wantirna, Bayswater, Kilsyth and surrounds to quickly and efficiently move house.

We offer around the clock advice and inspections, as well as property appraisals and evaluations. 

Healthmont Real Estate, buying and selling homes since 2001, why choose us?

There are many reasons to choose a local Healthmont real estate agent. From local knowledge of house prices in the area, to having a family team of real estate agents. We rely on our reputation in the community to keep our business going forward. This is reflected in our many great Google Reviews and being the top agency on Rate My Agent  


What do people ask us at Surreal Property Group (serving Heathmont for over 10 years)

How much can I sell my house for?

We offer free assessments of houses and homes to local residents, just find a time with one of our real estate agents so they can inspect. It’s also a great idea to show our agents the parts of your house you think are big selling points, such as a fire place or a big pantry!

Do house prices in Heathmont fluctuate?

Yes, house prices can change rapidly depending on the economy and time of year. For best advice on times to buy and sell you can call one of our agents or some into the office and have a chat.

How do I find the ideal person to rent to?

Luckily, people moving to Heathmont or looking for accomodation there are generally very well behaved and excellent members of the community. However, we do have a list of eligible potential renters looking for places to live in the area. So feel free to contact us and we can add your property to our advertisements and work with you to find the perfect people to live in your house. 

Does your Heathmont service extend to leasing out properties?

Yes, we have a specific team of property managers whose role it is rent properties of house owners in Heathmont to people seeking residence in the suburb 

Can you help with my Heathmont commercial property?

Yes, our agents have vast knowledge and experience with commercial property over the last 30 years.

Is Advertising expensive when trying to sell a house?

Advertising can be an expense for particular houses, and while it’s very common to have your house listed on various sites to sell it, there are cases where you can save time and money by having your house sold before it hits the market. Call our team for more details

Happy couple selling house

Facts about Heathmont

  • Heathmont is located between the suburbs of Ringwood East, Wantirna and Bayswater
  • The postcode is 3135, with almost 10,000 people living in it
  • The median house price in Healthmont is just under $900,000, and average rent is around $450 per week
  • Healthmont is located in the East of Melbourne, some 25 kilometers from the central business district in the City of Maroondah
  • The train station for Healthmont is on Canterbury road and is part of the Belgrave line
  • Healthmont has 3 primary schools and one high-school, it also has various sporting ovals and mini-golf!

Facts about Real Estate

  • Real Estate agents are utilised by 99% of the community when buying, selling or renting a home.
  • There are 3 main types of property, commercial and residential are most common for people and real estate agents to deal with. The 3rd type is industrial property
  • Many people use real estate as an investment for their money, as it has been shown in the past to increase in value over the years. 
  • Our Real estate agents are always open to new properties to inspect, or even list new properties on the market

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